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Posted: June 30, 2012 in Life


Is something I always think about. I have no kids and not sure if I ever will. Not because I don’t want any. I want a family,not a baby’s momma.

I know men can help produce a child in his later years in life.
That’s just not for me. I really rather not be a old dad lol. I wanna enjoy my time with my family. Teach things like art, music and watch him/her grow up and be passionate about things.
However,many things come into play with the thought of having a child.

Is, my fear of being like my father. I love my father very much. Though he was never around and when my parents split it was easier to get a meeting with the mayor of New York than see my father. I know I will never be that way,buy it hunts my mind.
Is the right person. I’m an old soul and so are most of my friends. (who are older) However,we seem too live in a very disposable society. People want the next best thing,too keep up with the Jones’s or have their cake and eat it too. (yes, women are just as bad! Lol)
The stand by your man or woman is a thing of the pass. Like I said I don’t want a baby’s momma!
The time it takes to grow a relationship to the point of considering children. (That is a window that keeps shrinking.) As I get older, i would have to date slightly younger. Enough to be willing to have a baby.
I try dating women with kids and that never seems to work. The issue of the ex husband or just the child’s father comes into play. Also you have to keep your mouth shut when it comes to her children. You can be more of a father than an ex,but the fact that the child is not yours will come up.
These are things men think about. Yes, we think lol
Most men just stay guarded, because most have be hurt.
One day people will slow down too smell the roses and enjoy life. Maybe the idea of family and togetherness will be popular again! Maybe….

Free Art???

Posted: June 27, 2012 in Art, Life, Music

Why do people ask for free product or designs from struggling artist? When they are so willing to spend money on a famous millionaires product!
Everything an artist does cost us money (most of us don’t have)
So,If you enjoy an artist (any form of art:painter,clothing designer,musician etc..)
support them, so they can continue to bring you the things you enjoy.
Why wait or them to become famous,only to purchase things you can get now (and most likely for less 😉 )
Support unsigned artist, as we are the stars of tomorrow.

Banned in the USA

Posted: June 19, 2012 in Life, Uncategorized

The problem is not just sugar or fatty foods. The problem is people. See life is different from 10,20 years ago. We didn’t have all these devices that keep us at home. We went out and played stick ball,tag,skully,go see a band play or went dancing with friends.
It’s too easy for people to sit at home now. Everything they want is on a computer. Social networks,movies and web cams.
People do not go out doors any more. They rather sit at home and eat (in front of a computer)
when face booking or playing a video game.
Oddly enough, we are living like all the old sci fi movies predicted.
Everyone is plugged in to a device.
People refuse to go out and hang with real friends and if they do go out. They are still jamming away on Facebook or text messages.
Besides, you can ban whatever it is you like. If people want it enough they will find it.
Don’t push the blame on the world if you or your kid are over weight.
Go too a park. Spend time outside. Teach your kid to catch or throw a frisbee!
The same people that blame soda,McDonald’s or any other vice, are the same people who will find ways to get those vices when they are banned. Change begins and ends with you!

To make your dreams come true!
I met so many people that are”artist” (when I use that term, I mean all forms of art.writers, painters,musicians,etc….)
Most will run their mouth and talk about what they are working on or haven’t done yet.
Some are to worried about stepping out of their cozy little comfort zone.
More than half, have no respect for the hustle.
Don’t wait for others to live your dream! Make it happen,learn all you can about what you wanna do and how to do it.
They wanna ride with the big boys without paying their dues.
Me, I just go for it.
Now some ask:
What if I fail?
I say, if you don’t try with all your heart. Then you have already failed.
Even if I don’t make it. I will give it a shot!
I don’t sit around waiting for some fantasy opportunity to knock on my door.
If opportunity doesn’t knock. Open your door and go grab it by the throat.
Also expend your skills. I do it all the time.
Why? Because one trick ponies get used for hamburger meat.
Remember back in the 50’s,60’s and 70’s, most famous people did more than what they were famous for.
I believe in the domino effect. Strike gold with one project and the others benefit.
If I do a movie or a play. I can use my music, my clothing line,my paintings, etc……
Now that’s making the most out of an opportunity!!! 😉

See the chatter boxes always have an excuse.
The famous ones will tell you how they did it all to make it.
I will spend my last dime on something I believe in, because no one else will do it for me.
How can you ever expect to have others believe in you,when you won’t even stand behind your own dream.
I see so many people with excuse after excuse, on why they haven’t made a move to the next level.
Fear of failure is a ridiculous idea planted by lazy people.
Besides, people like Kiss rehearsed every day with no air conditioner,proper PA system and with roaches and rats, Walt Disney walked around with holes in his shoes, because he put all his money into his dream.
Robert Rodriguez made his first movie trailer using two VCR’s. Think of where these people would be,ifthey waited for the best conditions. They would die waiting!
That’s just too name a few.
Now a days people want it all out of the gate. It they don’t have air conditioning,the best shoes or the most expensive tools. They won’t work on their so-called dream.
You sit their and wait for all that, while I pass you by. Because you make do with what you got and if you’re good at what you do. People will take notice.
Now go and create something!

Big scare

Posted: June 15, 2012 in Life

Today I had a major scare
My father’s health has not been the best. He had a battle with cancer a few years back and has been fine. Up until the last last. Thankfully the cancer has not returned,but his heart is not what it once was. He suffered heart failure and want taken to the hospital. Now I can tell you the thoughts running through my head were scary. I have seen my father battle men of all shapes and sizes as a pro wrestler and he was always so strong. Wrestling and music are the bond that keeps us together. Both former wrestlers and now both musicians.
Any time i see him hurt, its a bit freaky.
Thankfully, he had surgery this
Morning and seems to be recovering well. You know things happen between parents and there children,disagreements and falling outs. My father and I don’t always see eye to eye on something’s. Honestly, those things are not that important. I am glad he is gonna be around longer for us to sit and chat.
Love you dad

Smoke n Mirrors

Posted: June 6, 2012 in Life

Normally I never go public about this sort of crap,but this is ridiculous!!!
Our government is so worried about who drinks soda and toys in a happy meal. When people are in the poor house and fighting or scrapes.
Life is very different from the years off the past.
Kids did not sit in the house( Playing on the internet or a gaming system. )
Single house hold income is a big factor. Both parents work and have to settle to feed their kids shit food!!!
You wanna help? Make health food affordable, create jobs where it covers the cost of living. The government continues to control more and more of our so called freedom.
Little by little, seems like we are slipping into a dictatorship.
Parents! Stop letting your children run your house hold! Turn off your kids video games, Internet and take them to a park or ride a bike with them. Prepare meals for the week. If you are at work late.
The more you let people tell you how too live. The sooner you will have no more rights! Because the government feels your irresponsible!!!
Ways the government can help:
Build more schools, jobs and health care that the masses could afford. That’s how you help. Before you know it we will no longer be allowed to vote or move unless we are told so.

Creating Your own Hell!!

Posted: June 5, 2012 in Life

You and your actions create your hell.
If you do not take a stand and allow people to effect your life in a negative manor. Then the battles been lost!!!
It is up to you to change it. Life is what you make it, not what you expect it to be.
By excusing it or avoiding things , you only stand to make matters worse.
You can not change people, but nothing says you have to deal with them.
Change how you handle things and those around you. You find something unacceptable. Then get up and move on. Chances are the situation will not change.
You owe yourself the best!!! (read that line again)
Sounds cheesy, but true.
If you market yourself like a 99cent store item. You will be treated as one.
Change is scary ,but often needed.
Sometimes it may seem like you are standing alone! That’s only because you have to undo all the crap you allowed in your life.
Do not look for others to complete you or make you happy. That’s a sure fire way to get disappointed.
Want people in your life, don’t need people in your life.
Remember you can create your own heaven or hell on earth.
Don’t you deserve the best?!