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Rise and Grind 
Never allow the actions of another change who your are.  

Always stay true to yourself. Each individual we meet is here to teach us lesson.

One that we may not understand at the moment. 
Life is simple!

Treat people how you expect to be treated. This way you can sleep at night. 

Get yours


Young at heart 

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Rise and Grind 
Youth is wasted on the young.  I always heard that, but refuse to believe it. 

Staying young at heart is a mindset. I think we focus to hard on what we think being an adult is suppose to look like, that we lose touch with our inner child. 
Some of us even forget what it means to have fun. 
I think once and a while we need to let out our inner child. 

Do something that you thought of as fun when you were young. 

Maybe buy a doll or an action figure.  Get a coloring book and some crayons. Watch your favorite cartoon. 

You get the idea! 

Fall in love with innocent fun that eases your mind and may even reduce your stress. 

Rise and Grind 
Try spreading love and unity, instead of hatred and negativity. The world would be a better place for it.  

This world is burning and people are so busy pointing fingers because that seems easier then actually helping one another. 

Rise and Grind 
Choosing to show someone the beauty of love and friendship is a gift. Being a true friend is someone who is there for no other reason than to help. 

Be grateful for those that go above and beyond for you. Maybe today is the day you take a moment to thank them 

Rise and Grind 
The idea of labels are something I never dug. 

Not everyones outside appearance can tell you what label should be placed upon them. 

Looks can be deceiving in good ways.  

You never know who you maybe standing next too or talking with, that person could have an impact on your life. 

Get to know someone and you may make a great friendship for life.  


Rise and Grind 
Being positive in a negative world is something that is sorely needed. 

Negative surroundings will only give you negative results. 

Do not fear changing your surroundings. 


Rise and Grind 

We can all make a difference in someone’s life. Be it through a kind word, an ear, a hug or even a simple thing like saying “Hi”. 
You’d be surprised how much of an impact a simple act of kindness can have. Not every struggle is visible and not everybody has someone.

 Be the difference!


Rise And Grind
Precious is life and time. Tomorrow is not promised to any one of us. Yet we believe it will be there waiting for us. 

With the passing of so many this year. Life is kindly reminding us how important it is to make your mark in this world. 

That doesn’t mean it has to be through fame or fortune. 

I’m talking about somethings more valuable than that. 

Make your mark though kindness and love. Appreciate those who stand with you, love you and will be kind to you without expectations of a reward.  

That is a true wealth!  


Rise and Grind 

If something gets in the way of your progress, regroup and find another path to your goals. Don’t let a bump in the road throw you. 

Get yours! 


Take them