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Consider this photo the next time you doubt achieving your goals.

Humble beginnings can sometimes have us losing faith. With extreme lows and amazing highs.
Life of an entrepreneur is damn hard, but so well worth it to see your dreams become a reality.

Hustle and Grind

Have the courage to stand tall
Have the courage to shot for the stars
Have the courage to fall down
Have the courage to believe in you 
Have the courage to avoid the negative
Have the courage to beat the odds 
Have the courage to allow the positive 
Have the courage to walk alone
Have the courage to live your dream 
Have the courage to go from one day to day one. 
Have the courage to live without regrets.

Now get yours!

Life is about taking chances!  I truly wish everyone can live out their dreams. 

I believe we would all  be much happier working towards their true goals in life. 

Take your shot and if you fall, dust yourself off and try again. 

In the end, the journey is where the best stories of your life come from. 

Go for yours! 


Don’t give up!
It’s what I say daily

Don’t give up!
But I’m tired

Don’t give up!
Have patience

Don’t give up!
It will happen

Whatever you do,…
DON’T GIVE UP!!!!…..


You can’t win them all!

You have to be ok with that! 

Peace and blessings 


Photo credit: Zulie Alvarez

Stop waiting for this imaginary “perfect time.” 

Get up and find ways to make things happen.  

If you truly want something, you’ll stop making excuses and start taking action.  

Tomorrow is promised to no one!  

Go 4 yours!


From Los Quotes Vol.1

Scared of failing? Who isn’t?..

Failure is not the end!
It’s a lesson in how to correct your mistakes and succeed the next time you’re at bat. 

Get Yours!


                  Photo by Zulie Alvarez 

The only person that can give up on you, is you!

Get yours 


Sometimes you need to stop and realize your own greatness. (Not in a egotistical way) 

It’s ok to pat yourself on the back once and awhile and say well done.  

Get yours