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On August 10th I truly was moved by the kindness of someone who took the time to encourage me. I ask you all to please take a few minutes to watch the clip.
no edits or music. Just from the heart.

You Tube Vlog

Too many people are happy with merely existing, even at cost of their own happiness.

Love & Unity

Have a great day everyone!

May you have an abundance of happiness, of love, and peace.

Love & Unity

Mission:love is about spread peace and unity! As it’s needed now more than ever. If you want to join the Mission:Love email me your name and address.

I will send you 5 post cards to post around your neighborhood.

I pay for the postage.

All I ask is that you hashtag #missionlove73

let’s build this community through positivity.

Peace and blessings

Carlos (Los) Espada

Mission love video  

Photo by Zulie Alvarez

Please enjoy my new year vlog 

Happy New Year

Hustle as hard as you can. Nothing is handed to you. You have to work and fight hard for it.  

No one has to understand your grind. 

It’s your dream,not theirs! 

Now go!.



Patience and hard work!

Bullseye vlog