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Some days we stumbled or fallen and lose our way. Something gets disconnected and focus gets blurry. 

It can last for a day, a week or even a month. 

We have to learn to check ourselves, refocus the laser and remember our mission and who it includes. 

We can be blind to this and just hope we have people to lift us up and dust us off. 

A solid foundation can sometimes take more than one person to rebuild. 


New York City was where I was born.
I reached heights that I never thought I would have.
Performing shows at all the NYC hot spots, to working within the toy industry and even owning a wrestling promotion with my father and uncle. New York City has been good and not so good to me.

I always felt that the woman that would steal my heart was not from my state.
Years ago I met a southern belle named Kelly. Our paths would cross, but our timing wasn’t right.
This time it clicked!
Life is not about the where, its about the who.

When we started to get serious we talked about life and what we both would like it to be. Also what we would make it be.

So I packed up everything and moved to North Carolina.
I never been with someone who has had my back and would show me that love is worth it all.
It’s an amazing feeling to be accepted into someone’s life.

In the beginning it took me a while to get my footing and I feel like I finally have it.
This is only the beginning of a new love, new life, a new adventures.
So as I always say “Go for yours”

Friendly reminder, nice people don’t finish last.

They finish first and always win!

Besides, would you want to be surrounded by people who don’t appreciate you and mistreat you?

Love & Unity

People are far too comfortable giving up if a set back occurs while trying to achieve goals.

They rather throw their hands up and snuggle back in their comfort zone.

Lack of self awareness and fear are lies fed to us all. Learn and know your worth!

Getting to the finish line is never easy, never pretty, but so worth it when you actually accomplish your dreams.

At some point in your life you have to be sick setting for anything less than you deserve. Go collect your life, your dream, your goal.

Everyone deserves happiness

Somedays are harder than others.
Sometimes it may take a little longer to dust
yourself off and gather your thoughts.

That’s ok!

You must practice letting go of what’s not
meant to be.
So what’s meant to happen, will.
Love & Unity

Consider this photo the next time you doubt achieving your goals.

Humble beginnings can sometimes have us losing faith. With extreme lows and amazing highs.
Life of an entrepreneur is damn hard, but so well worth it to see your dreams become a reality.

Hustle and Grind

Clock by Silver Angel Gallery

If you give a company 8 hours.
You better be sure to give your
goals the same attention.
Actions trump words.
Love + Unity