Banned in the USA

Posted: June 19, 2012 in Life, Uncategorized

The problem is not just sugar or fatty foods. The problem is people. See life is different from 10,20 years ago. We didn’t have all these devices that keep us at home. We went out and played stick ball,tag,skully,go see a band play or went dancing with friends.
It’s too easy for people to sit at home now. Everything they want is on a computer. Social networks,movies and web cams.
People do not go out doors any more. They rather sit at home and eat (in front of a computer)
when face booking or playing a video game.
Oddly enough, we are living like all the old sci fi movies predicted.
Everyone is plugged in to a device.
People refuse to go out and hang with real friends and if they do go out. They are still jamming away on Facebook or text messages.
Besides, you can ban whatever it is you like. If people want it enough they will find it.
Don’t push the blame on the world if you or your kid are over weight.
Go too a park. Spend time outside. Teach your kid to catch or throw a frisbee!
The same people that blame soda,McDonald’s or any other vice, are the same people who will find ways to get those vices when they are banned. Change begins and ends with you!


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