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Try spreading love and unity, instead of hatred and negativity.

The world would be a better place for it.

This world is burning and people are so busy pointing fingers.Maybe because it seems easier then actually helping one another.

Make a difference


Never forget the so called “little miracles.”
Like waking up each day. Remember no one is promised a tomorrow. Make the best of each day you are given.
Go get yours!

A new dawn is upon us. History tells us with each ray of light comes the shadow of darkness.
There is a universal war surrounding the earth. A war many are unaware of.
The time for a new group of heroes must rise up to face the ancient forces of evil.
Silver Angel

Creating heroes
A long time fan and reader of comic books and avid watcher of super hero movies/tv shows.
Till this day these things remind me of my childhood.
As a child I was always surrounded by larger than life characters. My father,mother and uncle were all masked luchadors/wrestlers.
It was like living with real live super heroes.
(My father and uncles as The Silver Angels)
Between wrestling,comic books and  action figures. I always surrounded myself with these seemingly endless sources of entertainment.
I would often gather my toys and cross the street to my childhood friend Winter’s house.
With my cousins Danny and Santos, We would sit for hours creating scenarios with our action figures (which would include everything from He-Man, Thundercats, transformers, Voltron,G.I Joe, WWF and NWA and so on. )
It was our escape from what troubles life can throw at us kids.
As I got older I went on to my dream job of working in the toy industry.  What great memories I had of being part of something as amazing as Art Asylum toys.
A real think tank of artist from all walks of life who banned together and created some of the most amazing toy lines around.  Till this day people still speak highly of the products Art Asylum has released.
From there I went on to work with companies like Diamond Select toys, Top Brass as well as Samick Guitars to name a few.
As much as I love the creativeness of working with such companies. I always longed to create my own universe.
I always envisioned myself to be like the innovators of the past.
Men like;
Jim Henson
Walt Disney
Guillermo Del Toro
And George Lucas
A number of years ago I set out to do just that.  I slaved day and night for years. Perfecting my universe of heroes and villains.
Developing story lines and bios of each one of my characters. Creating the angle in which I wanted it to fall in.
A universe that is friendly for children of all ages.
One that has morals and lessons woven inside each story.  Something I strongly believe in (without being to preachy )
I also started to build up my team. Working with two amazing artist.  Andy Bradshew and Rolo Ledesma to help bring this vision to light. Much like the heroes in my story this team is ever growing.
After many years of work I am ready to share my fantasy family with the world!!! These characters are my children in a sense and now I am about to release them to the world.
The first book! Super Group Go! in “Stand up!” Is currently available on 
 (L-R: Monarch,Dragon,Saber,Fire-Hawk and The Silver Angel)
So get ready for my universe as we follow the adventures of Super Group Go!!!


What to wear?

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The greatest thing you can wear today?…
A smile! 


The idea may start with you, however building a strong team will make that idea a reality. Surround yourself with people who can see your vision as clearly as you do.        



That word carries a lot of weight to some of us.  It’s another word for soul. 
Just like there is no life without a soul. 
To an artist, there is no life without art. 
Much like a person with passion who bares their soul to a lover or a mother who holds her baby close after birth. 
Art in all its forms means the same to us. 
Without creativity there is no life. 
Without innovation there is no future. 
Be mindful of what an artist goes through when they are creating. Because they are baring their soul to the world. 
Los 73

Never allow people to go from respecting what you do for them, to expecting it. No one can take you for granted,if you don’t allow it.


Don’t wait for permission to live and do the things your heart desires.