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Who’s at the zoo?
Is the title of our new children’s book. Once again, the lovely Justine DeNicola and I put our talents together to repeat another fun little adventure featuring Harry,
If you recall my girlfriend and I both worked on Bath After Math.
It was so well received and we have gotten such great feed back. That we had to keep it going with Who’s at the Zoo?
More fun through education.

I’m not gonna lie, this

one took a toll. Wasn’t all the original art, it was drawing some of the characters more than once. (Stepping out of the old comfort zone)
I usually like to just draw a character once and then move on to the next piece of art. (Much like posters and covers. )
It was well worth every sleepiness night, as we both got such a sense of accomplishment when seeing a finished product, it feels amazing. Also the reaction of our young readers, their parents makes us feel great.

I urge you to complete an idea you may have. Because when you hold a finished product in your hands. The baby of hard work, determination, ambition and most importantly a dream. Is a feeling that I can never express.
I am proud of our work and super proud of Justine.
We work great as a team and I feel great seeing her shine as we reach yet another goal.
Now go and work on something fun. Do it for yourself, people don’t have to get it or like it as long as you are having fun completing your dreams.
If you read any of our books I would love to hear your feed back

Go get yours!
Los 73

Another day equals another chance to work towards your dreams. Push fear aside and live the life you envision.

Take a moment and be grateful and thankful for all the blessed people that are on your side, and within your path.