Smoke n Mirrors

Posted: June 6, 2012 in Life

Normally I never go public about this sort of crap,but this is ridiculous!!!
Our government is so worried about who drinks soda and toys in a happy meal. When people are in the poor house and fighting or scrapes.
Life is very different from the years off the past.
Kids did not sit in the house( Playing on the internet or a gaming system. )
Single house hold income is a big factor. Both parents work and have to settle to feed their kids shit food!!!
You wanna help? Make health food affordable, create jobs where it covers the cost of living. The government continues to control more and more of our so called freedom.
Little by little, seems like we are slipping into a dictatorship.
Parents! Stop letting your children run your house hold! Turn off your kids video games, Internet and take them to a park or ride a bike with them. Prepare meals for the week. If you are at work late.
The more you let people tell you how too live. The sooner you will have no more rights! Because the government feels your irresponsible!!!
Ways the government can help:
Build more schools, jobs and health care that the masses could afford. That’s how you help. Before you know it we will no longer be allowed to vote or move unless we are told so.

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