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Push hard every time you attempt something. Give it your all. When a moment in life seems the darkest, that’s when you push harder. Anyone can throw their hands up in defeat. Take a step back see where you went wrong and get back at it.  No one is going to give you your dream life. You have to go get it!  Don’t just talk about it, live it, breathe it and work for it. 

Talk is cheap! Action speaks volumes. 

Get yours 


When artist unite and respect one another the possibilities are endless. Los73

Negativity is an anchor. Don’t let it hold you down.                                                 Los73 

There are far to many people enjoying your failures. The reason for their venom is due to you having the heart and soul to pursue your passion. Do what you love for you and hope it inspires others to follow their hearts as well. Keep pushing and Go for yours!!!!!  Los73