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No matter how many broken hearts or lies I may suffer. I will always remain a hopeless romantic. No one can ever change that. 


Never allow someone’s inability and lack of love change you. It’s them who are blind, not you who was wrong.  Los73 

Do not chase others for acceptance. 

More often than not, it’s connected to the wrong people.  

Peace and blessings 


If you have no intention to cherish,admire or nurture someone else’s heart. Leave them alone so that someone else can. Los73 

It’s sad that people today refuse to see the worth of a good heart. Many are so busy collecting the latest gadget and the attention of strangers. (none of which has any substance.) So many moan and cry about being mistreated and not finding love. Yet, give their attention away for free (a thumbs up or a heart icon.)

The days of getting to know someone and caring for the love they have to offer is very rare.

You can not cry about wanting love, if you are not willing to give it or nurture it, when you receive it.

All the other stuff is superficial and if your not posting the latest selfie (every hour) you’re obsolete.

Lift your head from your phone/tablet while you’re outside or at a bar/restaurant. You never know who’s eye you may catch.

Learn your wealth as well as the wealth of others.

Take a moment to know someone, learn about them, TALK to them.

It worked for so many years before gadgets and websites, I’m sure it can work now.

Love & Unity

Never worry about what others may have on their plate! The only thing that will accomplish is a bad attitude, not to mention your food will go cold.            Los73

The system is designed to keep you a slave. Find ways to break those chains.  Los73