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We are so condition to expect the worst, that it hinders our joys of trying anything new.  


Rise & Grind!

Each day we face difficulties. Those are merely a test to see how bad you want the life that you desire.

Say to yourself; “On the other side of fear, IS LIFE!!”

Get yours! 


Rise and Grind!

Fear can be paralyzing and fill us with doubt. 

Let you in on a secret…… That life you desire, is yours if you can walk through the fire wall of fear. Take chances!!!

It may pay off, it may not. At Least you have the comfort of knowing you took your shot.  

Wake up and live!!!


Rise and grind!

We all fall down,here and there. Don’t let embarrassment or false pride cause you to refuse a helping hand. If it’s offered, it means someone cares.  

Go be great today and everyday after. 



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When asking for advice, be conscious of the person you confide in. Most are more than happy to pour gasoline on a spark.  


Weakness is believing being strong is not needing anyone and pretending to be ok.

Strength is when you can admit you’re hurt, sad and need a hand.