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So many of us die with songs in their heart.
A dream of what you envision how your life should be.
Most of the world just exist.
The typical day for some,is as follows:
Wake up
Go to work
Come home
Watch tv
Sleep and repeat.
Something like that.
I was never that type of person.
My song sings to me, loud and clear.
I often have people wonder why I am willing to try some many new ventures in my life.
Oddly enough, there is only one passion. That is entertainment. Sure it’s a board passion. However, it’s all under that banner.
I choose to make sacrifices to archive my goals.
Sometimes it may mean we have to take a job to earn money,to pay bills.
However that’s just a moment in time.
Not your life.
Why would you stop there?
Why not listen to your heart?
Live the life you desire?
Sure it’s a risk to step out of your comfort zone, but it’s better to try than to live with regret.
Fear of failure is as strong as the fear of success.
I have stepped away from a thirteen year career in the toy industry,because I have dreams of my writing a children’s television show as well as develop my own toy lines.
It’s a huge risk, not only because of my long career in the industry.mainly because I have taken a job in construction (which is not good when you have spinal stenosis.)
The willingness to give my dreams a chance makes me feel alive.

There is a great quote that I have printed out and hung on the inside of my front door. (So I can read it every time I am leaving my apt.)

“Men talk of killing time, while time quietly kills them.” -Dion Boucicault

I am writing this to show you that chances are worth taking.
Two months ago,I have structured my idea and created a pitch bible. (A pitch bible consists of a show overview,character bios and episode breakdowns. Accompanied by art or photographs)
I am now in talks with a show runner (an agent that sets up pitch meetings with networks)
This is an exciting time for me. One step closer to seeing my dreams a reality.
Once you take the first step. The rest is easy.
Remember almost everything around is the results of someone’s dreams and ideas. A lightbulb,cars,coffee,street lights, movies,instruments the very device you are reading this blog on 🙂
The list can go on and on.
Take that first step and give it your all.
Learn about the things you love (thanks to the net,you have vast information at your finger tips) and how to make your dreams come true.
Hard work pays off in so many ways.
Make your passion,your reality.
What are your dreams and aspiration?

Go for yours!!

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The only person who can make a true difference in your life, is YOU! Go for yours!!!!

Negativity- say no!

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Life doesn’t have to include negativity to be exciting. As we get older its seems like many digress to becoming more juvenile.
Los 73