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Let’s show this world that being haters and negative for the sake of crying for attention is old news.

It’s that’s not just a saying, its damn true.

If you’re unhappy find ways to change it.
You are responsible for you!
Do not put that in the hands of others!!

Breathe and be happy that you woke up this morning.
That’s a gift and another day to go get your happiness.

Stop hating and playing the wounded animal.

In the end, WE create our own heaven as well as our own hell!!

Go be creative and get yours!!!!

Hello true believers!!!
Our book is now available on Amazon! To say Justine DeNicola and I are excited is an understatement!!
Thank you all whom have been so supportive of this project.
Bath After Math

Every one,who’s anyone. Did what most would deem to be impossible.
Go be great!
stay creative!

Hello true believers! (Old Stan Lee line)
First I want to thank you the followers and the supporters of this blog and my projects. Your support means the world to me. So a big heartfelt thank you.
Today was a day of joy. We got in the proof copy of our first children’s book “Bath After Math”.
It was great to see Justine’s face light up as she was able to hold the very book we worked so hard for.

( The lovely Justine holding our first book)

It’s always an amazing feeling when you are able to physically hold something that started out as notes and sketches.
The book will be available on Amazon in 2-3 weeks.
This is a great little story and loaded with fun activities for the wee ones. Rest assure we will see Harry appear in more books in the future.
Thanks again friends and stay creative
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Hi friends
I hope this blog finds everyone in great health. I have some exciting news I would like to share. About a new children’s book featuring my art. This was a joint project between my girlfriend and I. Was fun to help her realize her dream of producing a children’s book. More details below

First time children’s author Justine DeNicola. Pens this delightful story about Harry who loves his bath time!! However, Harry’s Mother reminds him about his Math homework. So Harry must complete his home work and his errands before he can play in the bathtub. Illustrated by artist Carlos Espada. Whom has worked on
such toy lines as Star Trek, Star Wars and both Marvel and DC comics. So sit back with your little one and enjoy MATH BEFORE BATH.
Coming soon 2014
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