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INSTAWhen Love Dies

I wrote this book with every free waking moment I could spare. I would write on the train ride to and from work, during lunch breaks and of course, staying up all night to work (or in this case write) is not uncommon for me.

The idea for this story came from a deep place. At the time the news was reporting on women who suffer from postpartum depression and psychosis. I would hear co-workers and strangers write it off, mainly due to lack of understanding.

Depression overall is dismissed not only by strangers but sadly, by family and friends as well. Which cuts the deepest. My greatest hope is that this story will help others to not only take the time to understand the many levels of depression, but also to stop using the phrase “Get over it.”

Depression can affect anyone, your race, sex or religious beliefs do not exclude you.
I myself suffer from depression. It is not something we can turn on and off at will.

It can be completely crippling. Being utterly alone to battle such demons is never a good feeling. I have lost friends to depression and I sometimes wonder, if someone (including myself) would have spoken with them, and more importantly listened to them, would they still be here today?

I can only hope to give you some idea as to what someone can go through and the effects it can have on both the individual and those around them.

Stay creative
Carlos (Los) Espada

Cover was inspired by John Holmstrom artwork of Ramones Road To Run album cover

To quote a great man “Welcome true believers”, to a new blog post.  I know it’s been a while.

To catch some of you up, I have been writing and releasing books. Everything from comic books, fiction and children’s books. As well as trying to push my own toy lines. (More on that later today.)

Let’s talk about my little friends Rock N Roll Brat and The Kids.

This was a concept I really wanted to get out to the world. The idea of this little band of friends, is to explore the world of action and adventure through the power of their imaginations.

It all started with wanting to do my own version of Hello Kitty, while she is fluffy and cute. Rock N Roll Brat is a Tom boy with a heart of gold. I started with printing T-shirts and soon people wanted more.

So after thinking about it, I developed her world. I always wanted the world to look twisted and a little off. I also developed friends for her to have adventures with. The idea of making such a motley looking crew, was to show the world that you can never judge others by their appearances.

When you get to know Rock N Roll Brat and her friends, you see that they are just wide eyed children with a sense of adventure.

In building the world of Rock N Roll Brat, she needed some friends. So lets meet the kids.

Domino– The opposite of her best friend (Rock N Roll Brat) Domino is a sweet little android who loves flowers, sundresses and poems. She always sees the silver lining in every situation. Domino loves to inspire her friends and her never quit attitude is infectious.

Jimmy-Big brother to Domino. Jimmy can not speak, so he uses his guitar to communicate. Music is Jimmy’s life, he enjoys playing his guitar while listening to his favorite bands. Jimmy kept to himself for the most part, until his sister suggested he play guitar for a band that She and Rock N Roll Brat were putting together.This made their bond stronger than ever and forged a strong friendship.There is nothing he will not do for Domino.

Monsoon –A gentle giant albino robotic gorilla, who up until now had no friends. His size was found intimidating by many, which made it hard for him to find friends. Rock N Roll Brat and Domino befriended Monsoon showing everyone that he wasn’t bad at all, but a beautiful and gentle gorilla

The first book covers the idea of being famous rock stars. They achieve their goal through creativity and the power of imagination. Follow their story as they build an ever lasting friendship and embark on their first adventure. It’s story is developed for the little rock star in your life.

(Look for the Spanish version of this book on Amazon. May 2018)

The series will continue with one to two book releases per year. With the hopes of developing an animated television series. Currently in the works is a all ages clothing line, plush toys, small pvc figures as well as a D.I.Y vinyl toy line.

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