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The sooner we turn off the public view (of who they think we are.)

The faster, we can grow into the individual we are meant to be!

Filter the noise

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From parts unknown, weighing in at 1 pound, standing at 7 inches tall!

Blanco El Luchador!….

We all know the frustration of not finding toys of our favorite luchador’s.

Now you will be able to create all your heroes!

From legends of yester-year, to the modern day superstars that fly into our homes week after week!

You can even create your own superhero

With our blank figures, you will be able to fully customize each one to resemble your favorite luchador’s.

Each figure is completely blank and primed (ready for paint.)

The accessories include:

• Five horns

• One dragon mohawk

• One face plate

• One cape

• Championship belt

This will be the first toy line of its kind, based on Lucha Libre. We are currently working on a Blanca El Luchadora!


Every company has their flagship character (Disney-Mickey Mouse, Marvel-Spider-Man, DC Batman)

We are no different!

Our flagship character is:The Silver Angel!

In honor of the memory my father.

This figure will only be available annually, and as an exclusive at conventions and charity events.


I grew up believing that a community is important!

A positive community for the creative and those who wish to be creative, is what we hope to build.

As we progress, there will be social media and websites developed to bring together collectors and customizer’s to share tips on creating your own toys using Blanco El Luchador. This will be a place of positivity and encouragement for all artist of all ages.

A toy company created by fans, fueled by the fans.

More news to come as we design and expanded this concept

Photo credit: Zulie Alvarez

It’s amazing how people can know you for years.
Yet, how many of them truly have an idea of who
you really are?

Take time to get to know someone, you maybe
surprised at how amazing they can be.

Peace & Blessings

Rise and grind
Happy Mothers Day to both the women and the men who have taken this role in life.
Most of the time it may seem like you’re not appropriated, that’s not the truth. 

You’re the rock of the family. The one who keeps us in check, the one who cures us when we are ill and the one that guides us through life.  
Being a mother is the hardest task you can take on in your life. 

Something tells me, you wouldn’t have it any other way.  
Thank you too all the mothers you make this world go round. 
Much love and respect