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Your vibes are like a homing beacon.

When you put out negative vibes,
you attract negative people.

Keeping positive vibes, will get you a positive response from those around you.

Love and Unity

As I await the release of my book Los Quotes Vol.1, I decided to spread a little lover and positivity with one of my quotes. 

So as I travel throughout my day. I will be handing these out to random people as well as posting them around NYC. 

They will be held on with a small piece of tape. 

If you come across one, take it! 

Hang it up or pass it on. 

Share a photo on my FACEBOOK page 

Let’s continue to build a community through positivity! 


Rise and Grind 
Today marks three years since my father has past. Time does not make it hurt any less. 

When I think about some of the things I miss, like his daily phone calls about ideas, his great stories, even how he would come to watch my band play and brag to his friends about the things I have done. 
I would give anything for my phone to ring and hear him telling one of his ideas. Even to simply hug him and hear him say “I love you son”

Guess what I’m trying to say is. Do not forget to tell someone how you feel or thank them for loving you.  

Tomorrow is not promised!

You never want to live life wishing you could have said all you wanted to, but lost the chance to.  

Much love