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Is it his money?
Is it his status?
What does it mean to be a man?
I know many only see the outside of a man. An expensive suit, a good hair cut and a money making career.
I think those are a very minor part of what makes a real man.

  • A man should have compassion and love in his heart.
  • A man is never afraid to cry or laugh.
  • A man asking for help when he is broken.
  • A man holds the ones he loves near and helps them when times are bad.
  • A man celebrates his love and the person he shares it with the world.
  • A man knows to choose his battles and have respect to listen to reason.
  • A man let’s his guard down,so he can feel loved and the positive vibes that are sent his way.
  • A man is an open book for her to read.
  • A man plays with her hair as she lays on his lap.
  • A man kisses her forehead and rubs her aching feet after a long day.
  • A man doesn’t fear being romantic in front of his friends.
  • A man is the clown,when you are down. The shoulder for you to cry on.
  • A man is the rock when you need it the most.
  • Compassion
  • sensitivity
  • loyalty
  • love
  • Understanding and uplifting his partner.

That to me is what makes a man.

Most men are looked at as if they have no emotions or feel no pain.  We love romance and feeling sexy. When our lady pays attention to us, it  gives us strength to face the world and wings to soar.

Remember, both male and females are human and love all the little  niceties that come with being noticed and appreciated.