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Rise and Grind
Don’t forget to live in the moment!!! 
We are all too plugged in! 
You go to a lounge and everyone’s on their phones. 

You go the concert and everyone’s on their phones. 

You go to a museum and everyone’s on their phones. 

You get the point. 
We are so worried about missing some thing in the virtual world that we are drones in the real world. 
I PROMISE YOU social media and candy crush will still be there while you enjoy life and those in your life.  
I was guilty of it.  

Now when I go for my walks,concerts,movies or hanging with my friends, no phone calls, no text, no social media and I don’t play games on my phone. So that part is never an issue. 
I also give myself a media black out day. This way I can get all the things done and enjoy life off the screen. 
We only live once and imagine how sad it would be when your life passes before your eyes and all you ever seen was a smart phone screen. 
Live for the moments and make it count. 


Three Rules That Help Me With My Goals.Slowly working on vlogging.  

So, here is a quick little video about three ways I found work for me and my projects. 

Three rules vlog

Rise and Grind 
In this day and age, everything is made to keep you distracted. 
Keep a list of your dreams and goals. Chip away at that list. 

So rather than complain about your job your life or situation. 
Go to your list and figure out how to make that change for what you desire.  
The moment you lose focus, you lose self..
Get yours!


Rise and Grind
When was the last time you were thankful or expressed gratitude for the people and kindness in your life.  
Life gets in the way sometimes and we tend to forget to call a good friend or family member to say hi. 

Take a moment today and reach out. 
Say hi to those who have always been there for you. Who championed for you when no one else would.  
Tell them thank you for being there for you. 

For helping you when you needed it most.  Or for simply loving you. 

You would make their day.  


Rise and Grind 
Stop allowing other people to write your life’s story for you! Stop blaming others for where you are in your life. 
It’s your life!

Your goals!

Your dreams!

Your aspirations!

No one can live it for you. Nor will they just hand you anything.  
Sit down and map it out!!

Make a plan! 

Remember slow motion is better than no motion, no motion is good his death. 
Get yours


Rise and Grind 
Do not change who you are for people less deserving of you. 

Chances are you’ll never impress them!

Further more, why would you want to?
The only person you should impress is you!  

Be who you are and appreciate those who love you for simply being you. 
Get yours! 


Rise and Grind 
Creativity is the soul of the artist.  

If we are not creating, we are dying. 
Get yours 


We stop pointing out what’s wrong with one another and started to appreciate what’s right about each other. 

Imagine how much better life would be!

Happiness, love, respect and encouragement are contagious!

Get Yours!


Rise and Grind

People will always find a reason to be negative when they see another’s light shining bright.

Pay them no mind, chances are they are simply unhappy with their own situation. Remember, misery loves company!

Be strong, stay focused and push forward!



Rise and Grind 
When settings goals, do not forget to map out the road to glory.  

Don’t get discouraged if it takes longer than you envisioned. 

Every step that brings you closer to your dream is a victory. 
Remember there are no small victories. 
Get yours