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Holidays and tradition

Posted: December 25, 2012 in Life, love, Uncategorized

As I sit here thinking back to the time where my grandparents kept the tradition of family gathering going. I shed a tear.
After they past,everyone took different paths. No more laughing and dancing with people you love. Now it’s he said,she said leaving the house full of ghost.
Petty differences and self righteous attitudes have silence the holidays. I often sit and wonder about all this. I could recall a time when just about every cousin knew and we grew up with one another. Now,people barley speak to one another, unless someone dies. Family should mean love and when the chips are down. They should stick together. Not who’s got more than who, or who doesn’t like someone’s spouse.
Hmmmmmm, maybe I’m just an old soul with outdated thoughts,hopes and dreams.
If I ever have a child, it would have been nice for him/her to experience one if those old school gatherings. Which are so vivid in my head. The dancing,recalling old funny,yet embarrassing stories, aunts and uncles singing oldies. Was a good time to be had.
I got so use to spending the holidays alone with the memories of what they use to mean to us as a family.
If you’re lucky enough to still have a family tradition going on. Find ways to keep it going, even when the elders past. Memories of the past can be great. However new memories can be greater.
Merry Christmas all

Power to the People

Posted: December 21, 2012 in Art, Life, Music

In the past few years, I have been paying close attention to the music industry and how it has changed.
Somewhere along the lines. People seem to forget that their love,support and hard earned CASH. Is what makes people famous.
It’s up to you,the fans to buy the product and go to concerts.
Many people complain about their one time favorite bands turn out less than great music or have less than half the original members in the band.
No sense in belly aching,it will not change a thing. Don’t like it,don’t support it.
Music is bought and paid for by you!
The only way to change it is to stop being spoon feed and fearing change.
Try listening to the newer bands that are out there. Go to the local clubs and see who’s up and coming.
I love rock and metal,but most fans get stuck in their ways and refuse to listen to new music. They rather spend money on older bands, even if they have grown to dislike the music they currently write.
The power belongs to you,the fans. You just seem to forget it is your support , that’s what made these guys rock stars.
I fear rock and metal will die when the last of these icons move on to the after life.
Remember all these icons were once club bands and opening acts.
Now the opening acts were once headliners, now opening for legendary bands. Big headliners use to take local bands on tour and those local bands became icons. This is not the case now a days.
I found it laughable that tribute/cover bands are now getting record deals. I can’t hate them for taking the deals. However this shows the direction of the industry.
Once fans stood proud and fought for their genre of music. Now it’s more of the attitude of “leave well enough alone” or it’s as good as it will get”
Bare in mind more and more venues are closing,do to lack of attendance. Music on the radio has become stale.
If you recall that KISS fans threaten to protest a radio station if they did not play the bands music. The stars of tomorrow are at your local venue. You may even be friends with some people in bands. Support them,because if you don’t. They will not remember you when they hit the big time.
You the fans,put the stars on the map!!!!
So take back music. If not your open wide,while you get a spoon full of music you dislike.