Big scare

Posted: June 15, 2012 in Life

Today I had a major scare
My father’s health has not been the best. He had a battle with cancer a few years back and has been fine. Up until the last last. Thankfully the cancer has not returned,but his heart is not what it once was. He suffered heart failure and want taken to the hospital. Now I can tell you the thoughts running through my head were scary. I have seen my father battle men of all shapes and sizes as a pro wrestler and he was always so strong. Wrestling and music are the bond that keeps us together. Both former wrestlers and now both musicians.
Any time i see him hurt, its a bit freaky.
Thankfully, he had surgery this
Morning and seems to be recovering well. You know things happen between parents and there children,disagreements and falling outs. My father and I don’t always see eye to eye on something’s. Honestly, those things are not that important. I am glad he is gonna be around longer for us to sit and chat.
Love you dad

  1. Hope Dad continues to recover well, sit and chat with him as often as you can, I’m sure he enjoys the time as much as you do.

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