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Promoting a short film is hard work, but those who know me. Know I love a challenge. The writing process is something I am loving more and more with each day.
The story I wrote,titled “Ring Of Angels” is based on my childhood. Growing up in a professional wrestling family.

(Yup, mom,dad and my uncle were pro-wrestlers. )
I never thought anything about it as to me that life style was normal.
Didn’t everyone’s father and mother wear a wrestling mask?
The idea to write about came after a good friend introduced me to a director by the name of Albert Xavier.
We were chatting about movies and our childhood. When I told him about my family. He was like “That would be a great movie. You write it and I’ll direct it.”
So,I got to writing and Albert stepped in to help with the flow and added some input on the script.
So,next step is funding.
I put up a Kick Starter for it and we have a few more weeks left.
It’s kinda of like waiting to hear the lottery numbers. hoping that you have the winning numbers.
I was asked what am I looking forward to when this film gets done.
I am looking forward to is taking the viewers on a ride through my words being acted out on the big screen.
One thing that makes you go wow,is seeing how your story moves people.
Not just in laughter or in tears but uplifting them as well.
As a kid I would have never thought I’d get that opportunity. I had visions and dreams. A lot I have accomplished and some I am still working towards.
Most of us have a story to tell and I think people should share things with the world. It’s hard to let others in, many fear of being mocked or judged.
However,no one has a picture perfect life.
I ask you my fellow bloggers, movie goers and wrestling fans to help spread the word about my Short film “Ring Of Angels” the project is on Kick Start. Please support the indie arts. We are the stars of tomorrow.

My first short film

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I just launched a Kickstarter for a short film titled Ring of Angels.

Written by myself and Albert Xavier to be directed by Albert Xavier and Produced by Evan Ginzburg (Associate Producer of The Wrestler).

The cast and crew are nothing short of amazing. Starring Jose Hernandez Jr (HBO’s OZ) Co-Starring Sevans MartĂ­nez.

Help us take this project from the pages to the screen. The power is in your hands.
Ring Of Angels Kick Starter