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Tomorrows not promise.
So don’t count your eggs. You gotta live like it’s the last day!  Let Fire n desire will pave the way!                              Los73

Once and awhile it’s nice to sit back and think of your past accomplishments. It gives you hope for big ones to come. Los73 


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Break down the walls of your mind. Free yourself to do what many said you couldn’t. 


The difference 

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Being arrogant is often confused with being proud.  Los73

Take note!

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When someone behaves as if holding a conversation with you is doing you a favor. Don’t continue to converse. Someone who respects you will pay close attention to your words. 


Hate and negativity is a waste of time. Playing into their hands only makes these idiots shine. Instead of putting logs onto the fire. Throw water on it!  Spread joy and happiness. Let’s uplift one another and brake the cycle of hate!