Posted: June 30, 2012 in Life


Is something I always think about. I have no kids and not sure if I ever will. Not because I don’t want any. I want a family,not a baby’s momma.

I know men can help produce a child in his later years in life.
That’s just not for me. I really rather not be a old dad lol. I wanna enjoy my time with my family. Teach things like art, music and watch him/her grow up and be passionate about things.
However,many things come into play with the thought of having a child.

Is, my fear of being like my father. I love my father very much. Though he was never around and when my parents split it was easier to get a meeting with the mayor of New York than see my father. I know I will never be that way,buy it hunts my mind.
Is the right person. I’m an old soul and so are most of my friends. (who are older) However,we seem too live in a very disposable society. People want the next best thing,too keep up with the Jones’s or have their cake and eat it too. (yes, women are just as bad! Lol)
The stand by your man or woman is a thing of the pass. Like I said I don’t want a baby’s momma!
The time it takes to grow a relationship to the point of considering children. (That is a window that keeps shrinking.) As I get older, i would have to date slightly younger. Enough to be willing to have a baby.
I try dating women with kids and that never seems to work. The issue of the ex husband or just the child’s father comes into play. Also you have to keep your mouth shut when it comes to her children. You can be more of a father than an ex,but the fact that the child is not yours will come up.
These are things men think about. Yes, we think lol
Most men just stay guarded, because most have be hurt.
One day people will slow down too smell the roses and enjoy life. Maybe the idea of family and togetherness will be popular again! Maybe….

  1. gloria says:

    back in the days young females used to marry or date old men now in the era that we are if you are not rich , have good money, or great assets old men dont stand a chance with a younger woman just for the sake of a child …the minute a young establish guy stand or blow a whisper to their ear they gone…and if you have money and work then while the mouse is away the cats will play….next step child support and just a baby momma

    • los73 says:

      Not sure. Most young girls do so too have a father figure. At least that’s what I have noticed. Those type of girls, want that comfort or away out of their home life with their parents. The problem of why that almost never works is not because of money. It’s mainly do to the fact that an older man is set in his ways,while the young girl is still learning and experiencing life. Most people stop growing and refuse to budge. In a relationship you should not only grow from one another, but learn from one another. If someone is with you because of a bank account. Then you better run. Lol
      I know coupled with no money for fancy vacations and expensive gifts. They are very happy. It’s a matter not rushing into something and getting to know your partner.

  2. gloria says:

    shm i better run then cause im already 43…need to find me a young one that does not want money..yea right i think ill grow gray hairs before that happens…i rather find someone close to my age who has experience and knows how to treat a women ..most of my relationships they were 12 or 10 years younger than me so go figure experience is telling you whats up with the young :/

    • los73 says:

      This is way of the main subject,but I’ll roll with it.
      Bottom line is this, know what you are worth and what you would like from the other person. Everyone deserves the best. Whatever that may mean to that person.
      My point is people settle and when you settle you get what you pay for.
      I know many great women and men. I also know some women who act worse than some men. Point being is people are people.
      We all have issues,it’s just find someone with issues you can handle. Lol

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