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As I await the release of my book Los Quotes Vol.1, I decided to spread a little lover and positivity with one of my quotes. 

So as I travel throughout my day. I will be handing these out to random people as well as posting them around NYC. 

They will be held on with a small piece of tape. 

If you come across one, take it! 

Hang it up or pass it on. 

Share a photo on my FACEBOOK page 

Let’s continue to build a community through positivity! 


Rise and grind 

Been hustling to get out my book of quotes. 

I took on this book at the request of some of you. Those who asked me if I had a book or if I was ever going to release one. 

I thought about it for some time and had so many other projects in the works.  
Due to having major shoulder surgery. I had lots of down time.  

So I got to work!
I thought long and hard. I wanted to give people something that they would really enjoy and something the had more than one purpose. 

So I came up with Los Quotes Vol.1         Los Quotes has been designed so that each page can be hung up as a friendly reminder or given to someone you feel can use a kind word of encouragement.  
Let’s build a community through positivity.  

Los Quotes vol.1 coming soon to Amazon More about Los Quotes