What are you willing to do?……..

Posted: June 16, 2012 in Art, Life, Music, Uncategorized

To make your dreams come true!
I met so many people that are”artist” (when I use that term, I mean all forms of art.writers, painters,musicians,etc….)
Most will run their mouth and talk about what they are working on or haven’t done yet.
Some are to worried about stepping out of their cozy little comfort zone.
More than half, have no respect for the hustle.
Don’t wait for others to live your dream! Make it happen,learn all you can about what you wanna do and how to do it.
They wanna ride with the big boys without paying their dues.
Me, I just go for it.
Now some ask:
What if I fail?
I say, if you don’t try with all your heart. Then you have already failed.
Even if I don’t make it. I will give it a shot!
I don’t sit around waiting for some fantasy opportunity to knock on my door.
If opportunity doesn’t knock. Open your door and go grab it by the throat.
Also expend your skills. I do it all the time.
Why? Because one trick ponies get used for hamburger meat.
Remember back in the 50’s,60’s and 70’s, most famous people did more than what they were famous for.
I believe in the domino effect. Strike gold with one project and the others benefit.
If I do a movie or a play. I can use my music, my clothing line,my paintings, etc……
Now that’s making the most out of an opportunity!!! πŸ˜‰

See the chatter boxes always have an excuse.
The famous ones will tell you how they did it all to make it.
I will spend my last dime on something I believe in, because no one else will do it for me.
How can you ever expect to have others believe in you,when you won’t even stand behind your own dream.
I see so many people with excuse after excuse, on why they haven’t made a move to the next level.
Fear of failure is a ridiculous idea planted by lazy people.
Besides, people like Kiss rehearsed every day with no air conditioner,proper PA system and with roaches and rats, Walt Disney walked around with holes in his shoes, because he put all his money into his dream.
Robert Rodriguez made his first movie trailer using two VCR’s. Think of where these people would be,ifthey waited for the best conditions. They would die waiting!
That’s just too name a few.
Now a days people want it all out of the gate. It they don’t have air conditioning,the best shoes or the most expensive tools. They won’t work on their so-called dream.
You sit their and wait for all that, while I pass you by. Because you make do with what you got and if you’re good at what you do. People will take notice.
Now go and create something!

  1. Rokkie says:

    Hell, yeah, Los! That’s why you are awesome! πŸ™‚

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