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We always manage to find time and spend money for silly things. Yet,on important matters like our dreams and goals we seem to never have enough of both.
I have been guilty of this myself.
I made it a vow to spend $10.00 to $20.00 dollars a week on supplies. (Ex:canvas,paint,brushes, bass strings,etc)
Yes,bass strings. Being a musician is equally as expensive lol.
I found in doing this. It helps me stay creative.
With new supplies, it makes it that much more fun for me to create.
It’s a new trick that seems to be working to my benefit.
I figure why spend my money on some nonsense i wont care about? when i can invest it on something i love. Always Invest in dreams and goals!
What are some of the ways you found to stay creative?

Nothing worth having is gained easily. Hard work is the test to see how bad you want it! Step up your game!

Let the beauty of colors inspire your mind and your heart. Follow your dreams.
Art/photo by Carlos (Los73) Espada


I love when someone’s says that’s not how’s it’s done or it can’t be done. That’s because you lack the guts to push against the so-called system. You have remember everything that was exist,is because someone did it first. GO FOR YOURS !

Break out!!!!

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Break out of your comfort zone!! Try something new and exciting. Don’t worry your comfort zone will be where you left it.