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Give the gift of a smile today. You never know who’s bad day can be turned around by recieving a smile. It’s free and can lift so many spirits 


Sending out some positive vibes to my family,friends and those I have yet to meet, who  are working to make their dreams come true. May your journey bring you all you desire and wish for! 

A simple act of paying kindness forward works amazing wonders.  


Instead of giving into negativity. Try to be inspirational and motivational to those who may need it the most. It feels good and you never know who’s day you may make with a simple act of kindness. Los73

True desire is like oxygen. If we are not working on what we desire   

Then we begin to suffocate. 

Set time out of each day to work on your desire,your dream, your goals. 

Go get yours! 


The idea of true love dies when one partner in the relationship worries more about the negative opinions of friends/family and social media, over the feelings and pain they cause their partner.  

Unless you’re truly ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with someone and take on the world, be one others support when times are hard, a clown when they are down and be one anothers moral compass, respect and communicate with each other. That will build an unbeatable bond. 

If you can’t offer that or do not receive it. Then don’t enter a relationship because you’ll just wasting time and energy.  

Everyone deserves it,but many settle to live without it.

 Be true to your mind,heart and soul. 

Be happy! 

Go ahead, try it! 🙂