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Placing monetary or material possessions in lieu of happiness is an empty existence. 

New toys lose there shine and you’re back on empty. 

Self wealth is priceless. Be happy with yourself first and not with items you can not take with you when you pass. Los73

Crush and that loving feeling

Posted: August 26, 2012 in Life

This is something I always love to talk about. It’s an amazing subject and really fascinates me. Maybe because I’m a hopeless romantic.Remember your first crush? Better yet, a recent one? That feeling you get, when the girl you like glance at you and your eyes lock. When they do you quickly look away, you both know it’s too late.

How something as simple as a touch can freeze your heart.

A flash of a smile sends your heart soaring. When you talk the world doesn’t exist,only the moment.It’s really amazing how the idea of someone can make you feel good,lift your spirits.Think of all the songs,books and movies that cover this subject and that of love. It’s funny how the coolest person can come unglued. I know for me,when I really like someone it’s so hard to be myself. Some times I get real serious or have a ton of corny jokes. Like Will Ferrel in Talladega Nights,I don’t know what to do with my hands.

The Urban Dictionary defines a Crush as “A burning desire to be with someone who you find very attractive and extremely special.”

Granted looks play a part in it.

For me it has more to do with what’s inside the person.I mean we have all met people who are stunning on the outside,but trash on the inside. Right?

Beauty can be purchased, a heart of gold can’t.

Now a crush can turn into true love or it can leave you out in the cold.

Never let the crush get too ahead of you. Find out about that person and allow the walls to come down. Be honest and build a friendship.

From a great friendship can become a great relationship. Just don’t end up in the friend zone. Nothing cuts like seeing your crush with another.

Timing is everything and can make or break the situation.

I don’t know about you guys (or girls) ,but i have bite my tongue on crushes.

I may have (or have not) missed out on something. I don’t know because I didn’t take the chance.

I learned to open my mouth and tell someone how I feel about them.

Sometimes it works,sometimes it fails.

However the ending, I was always glad I said something.

I fear getting hurt as much as the next person. As the old saying goes. “Its better to have loved and lost than to not have loved at all”

So when you get those butterflies in your tummy or your heart beats so loud that you swear she could hear it.

Tell her and who knows you maybe talking to your future wife.

No guts, no glory

However, don’t go over board,because that can become creepy and uncomfortable. If you do say something and afterwards she doesn’t reach out to you and doesn’t return your text messages. Leave it be, last thing you want is to appear needy or pushy. That’s a turn off and then just becomes awkward. Use the laws of percentage.

If you are the only one texting,e-mailing or calling. Then you have your answer. She’s just not into you.  Pack it up and move on.

So as much as a crush can feel great, don’t get lost within it.

Art pulls me through.

Posted: August 23, 2012 in Art, Life, Music, Uncategorized

Life has been so up and down these days. (Ex:my father is ill=bad. Working on a new art book=good.)
There is one thing that consistently gets me through it all,ART! Whether it be through music,drawing,painting,writing. I can always rely on these things to pull me through the best or the hardest times. As a kid, art (in all it’s forms) was my form of escape from the negative things in my life (abuse, being poor, left alone at home) I feel confident and comfort whenever I create. Its something no one can take from me. Art evokes some much emotion and can suck you into to it’s world. Think about when you hear a song you love. It flashes you back to a time in your life. A comic book can make you feel like a kid again. Art,in all its forms can move the world.
Mainly, I do it for me first. If others like it or admire it. That is a major plus!
It’s my form of therapy and relaxation. The end result (Good or bad) always puts a smile on my face.
What I’m trying to say is, turn to your inner passion. What makes you happy and puts your mind at ease. You’re worth it.

Roll the bones!!!

Posted: August 14, 2012 in Art, Life, Music, Uncategorized


Never second guess or doubt yourself. Life is about chances and choices.
To live with regrets, is no way to live. After all what’s the worse thing you could hear? No! You’re crazy.
Those words won’t kill you.
I have been guilty of keeping my feeling,ideas to myself and mouth shut. It got me nowhere.
I use to fear people’s reactions. Most people fear a person who is an individual. Because they are comfortable following the herd.
I learned that the old saying “No guts,no glory” rings true.
In other words, choose to roll the dice!!
The only bad roll is the one you don’t make. If people do not see your vision,then create your own oppertuties.
I am a man that wants to live,love and be happy. Happiness means different things to different people. So find yours and get it!!!
The only people that will shoot you down,are the ones you allow to.
Quickly, cut those people out of your life. Change is not a bad thing. Stop fearing it!
You shouldn’t want negative people around you.
Your family,friends and mate. Should support you and give you strength.
Nothing like the support of those you love. It can move mountains.
Look at the greatest love and success stories in history. There is a recurring theme, love,support and determination conquer all. Think of all the successful people and imagine all we wouldn’t have if they didn’t take risk or listened to negative people. (by the way,success is not always about financial gain)
The point is we are so busy worrying about the wrong people and not caring for the right people.
Do not fear death
Do not fear success
Fear the fact that you are not living!!!!