People hate those that truly live,
because they themselves refuse too. 


If a company forces smart and innovative people to follow dumb rules. 
A company will miss out on many golden opportunities. 
The very reason for hiring someone intelligent. 

Rise and grind 
Today’s a new beginning. 
A rebirth!

Do not fear change. 
Embrace it! 

Take a chance on breaking the old mold. 
If the old way isn’t working, try a new route. 

Live without regret 

Imagine not breathing for mins,days, weeks,months or even years. 
You can’t!

You know very well, we can not go long periods of time with out taking a single breath. 
That’s how it will feel when you’re not focused or pushing towards your dreams and goals.  

Sit down and be honest with yourself. 
Are you working as hard as you can on making your dreams come true?

Truly be honest without excuses.  
Think about how many whom have had it much harder than others and made it. 

What’s the deciding factor?
Mindset and thought process 

Rather than allowing obstacles to stop them. 
They found a ladder and rung by rung they got over the wall. 
Stop waiting, stop blaming others and start doing. 

Never trust your dreams in the hands of others, how can others invest in you, If you refuse to work!

Put down the:
tv remote, ig games, social media and video games.  
Guess what? 
It will all be there tomorrow!!!!!


When you realize everything is a blessing. (Good or bad) you learn how to let the wrong things go and focus on the right ones. 

Peace and Unity 

Be grateful for those whom are kind, generous and caring towards you. 

Never take that for granted!

Kindness as well as thoughtfulness are priceless gifts. 

Love and Unity 

Feed you mind,positivity 
Feed your heart, love
Feed your soul, hope 

We eat better foods for a healthier life. 
Why not feed our mind,heart and soul good intentions. 

Love and Unity