Roll the bones!!!

Posted: August 14, 2012 in Art, Life, Music, Uncategorized


Never second guess or doubt yourself. Life is about chances and choices.
To live with regrets, is no way to live. After all what’s the worse thing you could hear? No! You’re crazy.
Those words won’t kill you.
I have been guilty of keeping my feeling,ideas to myself and mouth shut. It got me nowhere.
I use to fear people’s reactions. Most people fear a person who is an individual. Because they are comfortable following the herd.
I learned that the old saying “No guts,no glory” rings true.
In other words, choose to roll the dice!!
The only bad roll is the one you don’t make. If people do not see your vision,then create your own oppertuties.
I am a man that wants to live,love and be happy. Happiness means different things to different people. So find yours and get it!!!
The only people that will shoot you down,are the ones you allow to.
Quickly, cut those people out of your life. Change is not a bad thing. Stop fearing it!
You shouldn’t want negative people around you.
Your family,friends and mate. Should support you and give you strength.
Nothing like the support of those you love. It can move mountains.
Look at the greatest love and success stories in history. There is a recurring theme, love,support and determination conquer all. Think of all the successful people and imagine all we wouldn’t have if they didn’t take risk or listened to negative people. (by the way,success is not always about financial gain)
The point is we are so busy worrying about the wrong people and not caring for the right people.
Do not fear death
Do not fear success
Fear the fact that you are not living!!!!

  1. Lisa says:

    Love it. So damn true. Too many people are afraid to live. I wake up every day and think about what I can do to make myself happy, chances I can take, and ways to improve my life. Look in the mirror, that is the only person that can make the change. No one can do it for you.

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