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Never let other artist intimidate you. Instead, let them inspire you. There are enough art lovers in this world to go around. I love nothing more than seeing an artist take a route I never thought of or just admire the talents that this world has to offer.

Make time to do the things love, surround yourself with influential people and you’ll find that life gets better by the minute.
Los 73

Another day equals another chance to work towards your dreams. Push fear aside and live the life you envision.

Let’s show this world that being haters and negative for the sake of crying for attention is old news.

It’s that’s not just a saying, its damn true.

If you’re unhappy find ways to change it.
You are responsible for you!
Do not put that in the hands of others!!

Breathe and be happy that you woke up this morning.
That’s a gift and another day to go get your happiness.

Stop hating and playing the wounded animal.

In the end, WE create our own heaven as well as our own hell!!

Go be creative and get yours!!!!

Every one,who’s anyone. Did what most would deem to be impossible.
Go be great!
stay creative!

Never let the impossibility, statical, illogical or the abstract get in the way of your dreams

Some hurdles are higher than others. So run hard n jump high. Go for yours. Los73