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I always wanted to create a product line for kids like myself (when I was young)
I was always considered odd, as I was never into the things other kids were.
I wanted to be a luchador and entertainer.
I never wanted to be a fire fighter or a police officer. (Nothing against them, they are truly brave and do an amazing job)
I came from a family of entertainers and luchadores. So that was my norm.
Each project I create, I do my best to put a positive and uplifting message for the next generation of dreamers.


Learning with Lucha came about from some fond
memories of my father in his Silver Angel
mask talking to me about life lessons or
the wrestling business.
It was like getting a lecture from an
actual superhero. I transitioned it into Super
Group Go (comic book) and now for the
little ones in “Learning With Lucha”
Designed to make learning fun while sparking
the imagination.
This was done with all my
heart, soul and the memory of my father The
Silver Angel

Available on Amazon

Learning With Lucha

With just three days away from the end of our campaign. I know in my soul we can hit this goal. Despite all the things I have been told and have seen, about starting a crowdfunding campaign.
I refuse to believe that I have to be famous, part of a huge corporation or hire people to reach my goal.

After all, wasn’t Kickstarter developed to help us who are building something from nothing?

Those of us who spent every dime to create art, prototypes and endless nights of painting,clean and photographing our work, so that it maybe presentable.
Spending every waking moment to promote our work in hopes of funding. Going without all to prove that this is not a fly by night idea! This is our dreams, our reality, our oxygen.

As creatives, each thing we do is filled with our soul, our blood, our tears and our lives.

We freely give our life away to create art for ourselves and for others.

Every second, minute, hour, day, month and year of our life is poured into what many will come to admire for years to come. These are our children!

I hope all of you feel it too, this is why I can’t let this die! I ask you to please pass this project along, give what you can and prove that we stand together and support indie everything.

Give love to those who tirelessly spend every waking moment living their passion.

Parts Unknown Kickstarter

Love and Unity
Carlos (Los) Espada

Imagine not breathing for mins,days, weeks,months or even years. 
You can’t!

You know very well, we can not go long periods of time with out taking a single breath. 
That’s how it will feel when you’re not focused or pushing towards your dreams and goals.  

Sit down and be honest with yourself. 
Are you working as hard as you can on making your dreams come true?

Truly be honest without excuses.  
Think about how many whom have had it much harder than others and made it. 

What’s the deciding factor?
Mindset and thought process 

Rather than allowing obstacles to stop them. 
They found a ladder and rung by rung they got over the wall. 
Stop waiting, stop blaming others and start doing. 

Never trust your dreams in the hands of others, how can others invest in you, If you refuse to work!

Put down the:
tv remote, ig games, social media and video games.  
Guess what? 
It will all be there tomorrow!!!!!


I love when people underestimate me and my abilities.  

Thinking they know my story, while I’m still writing it!

While they live their lives only to fit in.
I live my life to the fullest! 
Creating my own future and loving the process. 

Never allow the small minds of negative people to rent space in your mind or soul. 

Remember, no one has to respect or understand your hustle, but you! 

Have the courage to stand tall
Have the courage to shot for the stars
Have the courage to fall down
Have the courage to believe in you 
Have the courage to avoid the negative
Have the courage to beat the odds 
Have the courage to allow the positive 
Have the courage to walk alone
Have the courage to live your dream 
Have the courage to go from one day to day one. 
Have the courage to live without regrets.

Now get yours!

Who’s at the zoo?
Is the title of our new children’s book. Once again, the lovely Justine DeNicola and I put our talents together to repeat another fun little adventure featuring Harry,
If you recall my girlfriend and I both worked on Bath After Math.
It was so well received and we have gotten such great feed back. That we had to keep it going with Who’s at the Zoo?
More fun through education.

I’m not gonna lie, this

one took a toll. Wasn’t all the original art, it was drawing some of the characters more than once. (Stepping out of the old comfort zone)
I usually like to just draw a character once and then move on to the next piece of art. (Much like posters and covers. )
It was well worth every sleepiness night, as we both got such a sense of accomplishment when seeing a finished product, it feels amazing. Also the reaction of our young readers, their parents makes us feel great.

I urge you to complete an idea you may have. Because when you hold a finished product in your hands. The baby of hard work, determination, ambition and most importantly a dream. Is a feeling that I can never express.
I am proud of our work and super proud of Justine.
We work great as a team and I feel great seeing her shine as we reach yet another goal.
Now go and work on something fun. Do it for yourself, people don’t have to get it or like it as long as you are having fun completing your dreams.
If you read any of our books I would love to hear your feed back

Go get yours!
Los 73

Hello true believers!!!
Our book is now available on Amazon! To say Justine DeNicola and I are excited is an understatement!!
Thank you all whom have been so supportive of this project.
Bath After Math

Hello true believers! (Old Stan Lee line)
First I want to thank you the followers and the supporters of this blog and my projects. Your support means the world to me. So a big heartfelt thank you.
Today was a day of joy. We got in the proof copy of our first children’s book “Bath After Math”.
It was great to see Justine’s face light up as she was able to hold the very book we worked so hard for.

( The lovely Justine holding our first book)

It’s always an amazing feeling when you are able to physically hold something that started out as notes and sketches.
The book will be available on Amazon in 2-3 weeks.
This is a great little story and loaded with fun activities for the wee ones. Rest assure we will see Harry appear in more books in the future.
Thanks again friends and stay creative
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Hi friends
I hope this blog finds everyone in great health. I have some exciting news I would like to share. About a new children’s book featuring my art. This was a joint project between my girlfriend and I. Was fun to help her realize her dream of producing a children’s book. More details below

First time children’s author Justine DeNicola. Pens this delightful story about Harry who loves his bath time!! However, Harry’s Mother reminds him about his Math homework. So Harry must complete his home work and his errands before he can play in the bathtub. Illustrated by artist Carlos Espada. Whom has worked on
such toy lines as Star Trek, Star Wars and both Marvel and DC comics. So sit back with your little one and enjoy MATH BEFORE BATH.
Coming soon 2014
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