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Hi friends
I hope this blog finds everyone in great health. I have some exciting news I would like to share. About a new children’s book featuring my art. This was a joint project between my girlfriend and I. Was fun to help her realize her dream of producing a children’s book. More details below

First time children’s author Justine DeNicola. Pens this delightful story about Harry who loves his bath time!! However, Harry’s Mother reminds him about his Math homework. So Harry must complete his home work and his errands before he can play in the bathtub. Illustrated by artist Carlos Espada. Whom has worked on
such toy lines as Star Trek, Star Wars and both Marvel and DC comics. So sit back with your little one and enjoy MATH BEFORE BATH.
Coming soon 2014
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The year is starting off to be very fun and productive.
I have been working on so much art and new ideas come into play. One of the biggest things I am excited about, is that I finally illustrated my first book.
The book was written by my girlfriend Justine DeNicola.

It make me really proud to share this first with her. Her first book along with my art through out it.
The book is a children’s book, details soon to follow.
It was a great project step by step. To hear the excitement in Justine’s voice as she witness the artwork in progress and the finished layout.
Now the project is about to head off to get printed.
Along with that project, I have been working hard on branding with a great friend of mine. It feels good when you surround yourself with positive and supportive people.
One of the things about helping and being help to achieve dreams and goals is the sense of accomplishment.
I am developing a new habit. (for lack of a better reference) I am going green with my art work. Meaning, I am digging through all my old sketch books and reworking ideas. If you’re a artist (singer, writer, sculptor, illustrator,etc..) I suggest giving this exercise a shot. It’s like looking through an old photo album of your life. It will jog old memories and mindsets,that are a reflection of your life.
It will also seem somewhat fresh to breath new life into old/forgotten ideas.
I will post more about the book Justine and I worked on as well as a new art concept soon.
Stay positive and creative