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Creativity saves me from insanity!

Love & Unity

Quote from Los Quotes Vol.1 (Available on Amazon)
Don’t fear hard work!
Putting in the hours and have patience while you hustle and grind.
Remember nothing happens over night.
If you don’t fight for it, you will never get it!
Do not let anything stop you!
You can’t figure something out?
You tube it or look up and learn what you need for the next step.
Be it a program, promoting,etc….
You have vast information at your finger tips.
Stop waiting for someone to do it for you!!!
While you’re waiting, others are building their legacy, living their dreams!
While you sit and watch!
When you clock into that day job.
Think about this.
You’re being paid for someone else love their dream.
Tomorrow is not promised!!
Remember that!
Write it down!
The power to change your life is in your hands.
Fight for it!
If you keep pushing you will achieve all that your heart desires.
Whatever that may be.
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No More Pity Parties
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Rise and Grind 
Creativity is the soul of the artist.  

If we are not creating, we are dying. 
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We are so condition to expect the worst, that it hinders our joys of trying anything new.  


No more waiting!