When Love Dies (the story behind, the story)

Posted: April 24, 2018 in Uncategorized

INSTAWhen Love Dies

I wrote this book with every free waking moment I could spare. I would write on the train ride to and from work, during lunch breaks and of course, staying up all night to work (or in this case write) is not uncommon for me.

The idea for this story came from a deep place. At the time the news was reporting on women who suffer from postpartum depression and psychosis. I would hear co-workers and strangers write it off, mainly due to lack of understanding.

Depression overall is dismissed not only by strangers but sadly, by family and friends as well. Which cuts the deepest. My greatest hope is that this story will help others to not only take the time to understand the many levels of depression, but also to stop using the phrase “Get over it.”

Depression can affect anyone, your race, sex or religious beliefs do not exclude you.
I myself suffer from depression. It is not something we can turn on and off at will.

It can be completely crippling. Being utterly alone to battle such demons is never a good feeling. I have lost friends to depression and I sometimes wonder, if someone (including myself) would have spoken with them, and more importantly listened to them, would they still be here today?

I can only hope to give you some idea as to what someone can go through and the effects it can have on both the individual and those around them.

Stay creative
Carlos (Los) Espada

  1. Wonderful share! My daughter suffers from Anxiety and it’s sad how Mental illness isn’t spoken of more often and with no shame.

    • los73 says:

      Thank you. Mental illness is something that is constantly over looked and always brushed off as “bad behavior” or being told “get over it!”
      It’s also looked at as a weakness or something to be ashamed of. It’s always up to us to help those who suffer. I know your daughter is in good hands and I hope for the best for you both.

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