Here’s the madness that is Los Espada. 😜 Plugging away on the Rock N Roll Brat book.
Whenever I do a project. It’s to keep my promise to my 5 year old self.  I knew at that age what I wanted to be and fought to find my way.
I will always be thankful to all you for helping me keep that promise to little Los.
Thank you all for supporting my projects. That’s shit is priceless!!!
I still can’t believe that my art, music and books in some of your homes and offices. Damn! It brings tears to my eyes.
It’s an incredible feeling to chase and capture your dreams. Don’t allow any to tell you it’s not possible.
I came from nothing! (Welfare hotels,homeless, some days not a drop of water or food.)
I worked so hard that I rubbed elbows with some of my childhood idols Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley,Stan Lee and many others.
My name has appears on thousands of toy lines for Marvel,DC,Star Trek, Star Wars and so on!!!
I’m not saying this to brag.
It’s to help someone of you understand, it’s all possible!
Even when you’re a poor kid from the “hood.”
Always Listen to your cheerleaders!
Negatron’s want to see you fail.
That’s when you fight to succeed!
I can’t begin to tell you how beautiful life is when you follow the song in your heart.
Get yours!
  1. Proud 2 call you friend😘 Great job very inspiring!!!

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