Announcing a great new uplifting project. THE FORWARD CARDS   

Building a community through positivity!
The Forward Cards are designed to uplift, inspire and motivate those who receive one. Each card can be kept as a constant reminder or passed along to the next person that can use a ‘pick me up’.
The genesis for The Forward Cards came when creator Carlos (Los) Espada begin to receive e-mails about how the words in his blog and social media posts have helped others get through dark times. When he mentioned this to friend and fellow creative Tony De la Rosa, the two started exchanging ideas. “I once had this idea to make cards I would carry around and give to people just to let them know they did something well, such as a waitress who provided great service, or someone who might otherwise feel unappreciated” De La Rosa said. “I love that idea!” responded Espada, and that’s how Forward Cards came to be.
An avid blogger and constant source of inspiration and positivity to those around him, the Forward Cards have given Espada a way to spread his words and good feelings to the world. Each Forward Card is the size of a standard business card, and features a single quote or words of inspiration by Espada, who when asked said “The idea behind the Forward Cards is help spread positivity through out the world. So many people wallow in negativity and I believe a kind word or a gesture of kindness can really pull people out of a dark cloud.”
De La Rosa, who has been a friend and creative collaborator with Espada for over a decade reflected “Los told me the story about how he smiled and greeted a guy on the subway one afternoon, and how the guy told him that made his day. That resonated with me, such a small gesture, something we’re all capable of, but for some people, including me, it’s hard to get up the courage to actually do it. That’s where the Forward Cards come in, you can pass it to someone and no words need to be spoken, the Forward Card will say it all”
To Espada and De La Rosa, The Forward Cards concept goes beyond the cards themselves, and is more about community; a way to uplift one another and remind people they are not alone.
 As usual, Espada’s words sum it all up: “Our lives are more connected than any other time in history, yet it seems like the sense of community is gone and I think it’s time to bring that back, to help build each other up.”
 It all starts with a simple act of kindness and maybe a Forward Card.

Below is a video of how The Forward Cards work

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