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Here is a topic I was thinking about on my morning walk. 

Do you think you can open someone’s mind and heart by showing them love,understanding and compassion? 
Or are too many jaded and untrusting to freely give themselves to someone? 

I’ll chime in with my thoughts in a bit.  
But really interested in what you guys think.  

In doing an on line interview for my up coming novel “When Love Dies”

I was asked why I’m such a hopeless romantic?

Why do I believe in romance in today’s world?

It’s simple, if I can’t believe romance exist, then I don’t want to be in this world!
Later I thought about it more. Here’s my rambles.
Romance doesn’t mean, that love is perfect or that you don’t have your issues. It’s how you communicate with each other, to understand one another.


I believe in that more so today, than ever in my life!
I think of romance, love and what it takes to make it work?
I think you make things work, because you want to!

Some of your behavior should change, (because you may notice somethings that may hurt the one you love.) Not because you’re requested to do so.

You do it because you love that person, you want to do nothing more but to make that person happy!

In return they will do everything to make you happy!

I always flashback to my grandparents and it always makes me cry every time.

Thinking about how my grandfather really cared about my grandmother and vice versa. They were the world to one another.

They had weird ways to show it some times, but you know they loved each other.  The way my grandfather treated my grandmother showed me what it meant to be a man in love.

I will never forget the pain my grandfather had in his eyes the day his wife passed.

It was as if someone ripped his heart out of his chest. I felt his lost in my heart and though he was sad at that moment in time. I can think of how lucky he was, for most of his life to find a woman to stand with him, support him and love him, as he did for her.  There was nothing he wouldn’t do for his love.
True love is about working together!

Communication, trust, respect and romance.

Both of you have to be there and in the present. I believe these things often fall by the waste side. It’s better to converse and talk through problems. This can save lots of heartache.
There is my answer. I love romance and true love.

Without romance? I wouldn’t want to be in such an ugly world.



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