Hustling is never easy, but worth it…..

Posted: October 12, 2015 in Desire, Dream, Dream big, Happiness, inspiration, Life, Mind, motivation, Passion, quote

What it mean’s too hustle? 

To me,hustling means:

  • Often losing sleep 
  • Sometimes you eat, sometimes you don’t 
  • Sometime your bills or paid on time or very late. 

Because you put every ounce of energy and every penny you can into your dream!!! 

No one has to understand it!
No one has to get it!
Most importantly, you can’t forget it!!! 

There is no excuse to not following your heart!
There is no excuse to not know anything!

(Just like one can look up photos and news about a celebrity or spend hours one social media. One can research how to take their dreams to the next step.)

There is no excuse to keep things on hold! 

There is no tomorrow or perfect timing!

Tomorrow is not promised!! 

Time doesn’t wait for anyone!
There is only what you put into your dream, it’s your hustle, fight hard, work hard!!

Believe in yourself!!

Don’t listen to those who say “you can’t” or ” you won’t” get to you! 

Those people already gave up on themselves and they just want company!

Know what you want and go after it! 

Will it be easy ?


 It never is, it’s a struggle, it’s a fight!!! 

You have to go at this 110%. 
No one’s going to give it to you! 
There is no golden ticket… 
If it was easy, everyone would have what they dream and desire. 

Keep those who support you, around you and show them the same support.  

The time for talking is done!!
It’s time for action!!! 
Talk is cheap! 

We are all on borrowed time. 

To paraphrase Steve Harvey

“Think of time as currency. We use it and we lose it!!!” 

Now go, get yours!!


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