Missed opportunities 

Posted: May 28, 2015 in Art, Desire, Dream, Dream big, family, Friends, inspiration, Life, love, motivation, painting, Passion, quote, romance, Uncategorized

Some times I think. (Not dwell) about some of the things I passed on in life. Something we are all guilty of.

Missed opportunities is what now drives me so hard. I use it as fuel to get things done. 

It’s why I try to make sure I don’t miss to many more. 

Never wait to express yourself to someone. Even if they don’t feel the same. It’s ok, but at least the doubt is gone from your mind.

Tell family and friends how they have touched your life. Say thank you and tell them you love them. 

A career change. That’s a scary one. 

I am not saying to quit your job. Maybe try working on a change during your lunch break, on the ride home or after work. 

As the saying goes. “slow motion is better than no motion.”

The most important? 

The opportunity to live. Try something new!!

Learn a new craft or take up a new hobby. Make it a point to see family and friends more. 

Vacation some place new and try new foods. 

I guess what I’m saying is. Live and be happy. So many of us take what we think is the safe road or settle for just exist. 

As far as I know. We are only given this one life. 

This one chance to be happy and do the things our heart desires. We all have passed up some great and not so great opportunities. 

It’s time to stop!!

Release that song in your heart!! 

You’ll thank yourself later when you do. 

Now go get yours!



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