Hello Friends

Posted: February 3, 2015 in Uncategorized

Hello friends
It’s been a while, but many positive things have been in the works.  The old saying  holds true. Surround yourself with positive like minded individuals and pay forward your good fortune. It will be returned to you in so many great ways.

Last year was a year of first.
My first illustrated books “Bath After Math” and “Who’s At The Zoo?” Available on Amazon


I also got my first gig as a writer! I was hired by famed Graffiti artist Indie 184. To pen her first comic book. Which will feature the amazing art of Rolo Ledesma.
My good friend Michael Ridge and I released A first original toy, KRAMPUS on a shelf doll. Which is still available on Etsy.


It’s been a very exciting time in 2014.

So now we are well into 2015 and plans for more projects are being executed as you read this.
I feel very blessed for those that have been placed in my path.

God has a plan for us all and sometimes when we feel like we are at a dead end a light will show you the way.

So keep pushing and push hard for the life you want to lead and dream off.
I’m interested in hearing about some of your highlights and first from 2014.

Be creative and stay humble. Thanks again for the follows and comments.


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