Why are so many successful?

Posted: January 22, 2014 in Art, inspiration, Life, love, motivation, quote
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When you wonder how so many have made it and some have not. Simple,the ones that make it use a different thought process than others!
refuse to listen to negativity
stand above the so called norm
dare to be different
hustle 24/7.
Go get yours!!!

  1. OK, hustle 24/7 will only get you a heart attack, sleepless nights, 12 hour plus working days for the same money as 8, etc etc. – have to strongly disagree with that one.
    Go get what?
    Money is not the greatest joy in working a job. If you do not love what you are doing, you’ll just be another “successful idiot,” one who wishes for something new all the time.

    • los73 says:

      Why does everyone tie in money with success? success has many levels. Not just that of cash. It can be better health,change of habits or yes money!
      It’s not a literal 24/7!
      It’s a figure of speech.
      Some like myself do not need 8 hours a day of sleep or rest.
      Go get it!
      Means whatever “it” maybe! As “it” is different things to different people.
      The main point of this post is to tell people whatever your dream is, it will not be achieved by sitting around waiting for it with ones hand out. Smart and hard work pays off in many ways.

  2. Mari Corona says:

    Knocked it out the ball park!!! 🙂

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