Push back

Posted: August 10, 2013 in Art, inspiration, Life, Music, quote, short film, Uncategorized, wrestling
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I love when someone’s says that’s not how’s it’s done or it can’t be done. That’s because you lack the guts to push against the so-called system. You have remember everything that was exist,is because someone did it first. GO FOR YOURS !

  1. Seems like anytime we see something worthy of our attention our first inclination is to categorize it and put it into a nice little package so we understand it. When we can’t fit it into the realm of our personal ‘world knowledge’ we get uncomfortable and have to change our point of view, not easy for some people. And yes, I’m guilty of it. However, I’m just as guilty of encouraging others to do something different, something scary, something out of the ordinary, something that makes them feel alive…and I hope they’ll push me to do the same thing.

  2. los73 says:

    Well said brother. People fear change and its a big reason why many things in life are as upside down as a turtle on its back. The ones with the power fear rocking the boat. The ones without the so called power cry for the chance to show the world that nothing is set in stone.

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