Why do people wallow in negativity?

Posted: February 27, 2013 in Life, love, romance, Uncategorized

So many people only seem happy if they have drama or negativity in their life.
Sadly people rather keep a friend down by aiding to their negative outcries. Rather than pick them up and dust them off.
People feed on this cancer, look at most of friends on social media for an example.
So much bad energy only attracts bad actions. Sure life is not always roses,but how you handle it makes a huge difference.
Most like to talk bad about their spouse or friends as if its the norm.
Any relationship should not be negative. You are there to lift one another up,lend a shoulder or an ear.
Anyone who believes relationships are not relationships without drama. Not only does not know how to love,they do not love themselves.
If more people try to focus on happiness and love.
They’ll see life is not always so dark.
Feel the joy of having a day where life doesn’t seem pointless.
Having someone there to make your heart & soul smile. Life is beautiful and amazing. If you choose it to be. It’s a choice.

We must stop beating ourselves up so much and try to enjoy life. You deserve the best life has to offer. Love yourself and feel good about who you are. It takes time,but aren’t you worth it? Positive thoughts,bring positive results.
So be brave and step away from the rest of the negative lemmings.
Bask in the sunlight.
Fall in love with the person you see in the mirror. Next time your friend is down. Instead of a negative response, lend them a hand or simply listen.
Life is so short and your life should be full of meaning and happiness. After all don’t you deserve the best.
Go for it!

  1. I agree with some of what you say Sure who wants to feel misery all the time and yep it can where people down Ive recently read a great book called Constructive wallowing which goes way beyond this whole positive versus negative trap There is often genuine reasons why people feel the way they do Embracing the negative and it dies it’s own death giving rise to natural creativity and a harmonious state of being.As I’m sure you know it takes a real decision and an ongoing commitment to see the world as beautiful etc.Crazy as it sounds some people seem quite happy being unhappy.Its the willingness the how to works itself out

    • los73 says:

      True. What I’m touching on is those whom are not suffering from depression. Rather people who just refuse to see any light in the world. I have had my bouts with depression and still do. It’s not as easy as the “just get over it” line people feed us.
      You’re right, some are good with being unhappy. Sadly, I know a few.
      A point to examine, take a look at social media. Many will jump on the pity party, rather than offer a friendly word of encouragement.

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