Art pulls me through.

Posted: August 23, 2012 in Art, Life, Music, Uncategorized

Life has been so up and down these days. (Ex:my father is ill=bad. Working on a new art book=good.)
There is one thing that consistently gets me through it all,ART! Whether it be through music,drawing,painting,writing. I can always rely on these things to pull me through the best or the hardest times. As a kid, art (in all it’s forms) was my form of escape from the negative things in my life (abuse, being poor, left alone at home) I feel confident and comfort whenever I create. Its something no one can take from me. Art evokes some much emotion and can suck you into to it’s world. Think about when you hear a song you love. It flashes you back to a time in your life. A comic book can make you feel like a kid again. Art,in all its forms can move the world.
Mainly, I do it for me first. If others like it or admire it. That is a major plus!
It’s my form of therapy and relaxation. The end result (Good or bad) always puts a smile on my face.
What I’m trying to say is, turn to your inner passion. What makes you happy and puts your mind at ease. You’re worth it.


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