Strength??? (Good thing or Bad thing)

Posted: July 5, 2012 in Life, Uncategorized

Strength Can be a good thing,but it can also hold you back. Some have built up such a wall of strength,that they allow little or no room for people around them to error. As the old saying goes “to error is human.To forgive is divine” I have from time to become jaded or guarded and confused that with being strong. It may or may not have effect relationships of the past. (though I am sure it did with a few.) I learned a valuable lesson (as that is what life gives us). Not to be so strong willed,not to hold on to the past life and what has happened. That will only confuse and hurt you and those around you. Often, being self-preserved is confused with being selfish. Your happiness begins and ends with you. Strength: A good thing as long as it’s not misguided.

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