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It’s a big misconception that men never think about the same subjects as some women. I always read or hear about “the rules of keeping your man” or somethings said like “don’t let a man hold you down or don’t let him treat this way or that way.”
Bottom line is, people are messed up. Not only men, but women as well! 

To sit and blame one sex for all that ales the world is not sensible and only comes off as bitter/unattractive. 

Here are some of the things the secret society of men won’t tell women. I will also add notes as to how women should benefit from the give and take.

Yes, we like them. Just as much as you do. In fact maybe more so, mainly because men never really receive them.
So say something nice to your man. Just because. Make him a card or simple buy him a rose. Everyone’s likes to feel desired.  
Side note:
-Guys don’t wait to mess up to buy flowers,a card or a gift.
Do it just because she loves you. Complement your lady with out her having to point it out. Pay attention to her. Steal a kiss, hug her and make her smile.  Believe me a real women would love every second of it.

Date night 

Make a night where you put away your cell phones and make the night about you two. Do it classy, buy flowers, make her a card. Really think out what to say and write for her. Make her dinner (if you can’t cook, you can take her to her favorite place) light some candles and talk to one another. Communication is key. 

Ladies: Make a date to do the things your man will enjoy. Maybe take him to see his favorite team or band. Watch him enjoy this moment and later talk to him about it during dinner 

I know, I know, we don’t have a time clock like you women. But, hell guys who want children, also don’t wanna be to old to enjoy their time with the child. Imagine breaking a hip while playing with your child. That would suck. Fatherhood, for those who want it. Want to have time to enjoy and teach the child things.

This goes back to feeling desired. Wear something sexy, soft kisses and initiate  it. Ladies take care of your man and he will take care of you. Spontaneity is the spice of life.
Side note:
Now men, make your woman feel amazing. Skip “the game” that’s what dvr is for. The better you take care of her, the better she’ll take care of you. Take your time with passionatly kissing her and exploring her body let her, make her feel like a Queen.

The point is men are like to feel admired and desired as well. So play nice in the sand box and you both will enjoy the out come.

  1. gloria says:

    had try that it does not work…pure bs sorry…not even making them feel like a king and complimenting all the time….they love attention from all females even if the one they have give her all…just my experience…all i did was get hurt in all relationships.and taken for granted…most of them feel if you there you will go nowhere you will stay …i bought a whole entire business not a rose or a card…i gave love to the fullest…i try to keep it alive and be the best female he ever had in bed….most are just selfish/// did not work i was played and you said men need sex so no matter how much we give they want something else/// or find the female less attractive cause is too skinny or have stretch marks or a noticeable scar.or is too fat .that’s not appealing to them…but yet along they don’t look at themselves in the mirror..:/

    • los73 says:

      We have all been there at one point. The idea is to appreciate one another. If you read. You will see I get on the guys as well. A huge problem is thinking you can change someone.
      You have to do things in percentages. (no not game playing) but if you see that you only get a text message after sending one,or making all the plans. Then you have your answer. He or she will not change. If they start off strong and then stop being nice. Speak to then about it.
      People like to live with eyes closed or being hopeless romantics. I am guilty of that as well. That’s why I know what I will and will not accept. Doesn’t make you a bad person for knowing what you want and deserve.
      It’s all a give and take. When a relationship, becomes a job. That’s when you need to realize of this is the quality of life you deserve.

  2. gloria says:

    the prob is not changing one is to let them see inside of what they looking at most have a blind over their eyes or cannot see past whats there…

    • los73 says:

      You can not change anyone and all of us have a past.
      Most let the pains of their past. Fog up the future.
      People rush in too fast to relationships. They fear that if they take too much time to get to know someone. Someone else will steal them away.
      If that person goes to the next. Then ,they were just not that into you.
      I made a huge mistake getting married when I was young. It blew up in my face and I found all kinds of secrets she held. Why did that happen? Because, I didn’t learn about her and who she really was.

  3. gloria says:

    i hear you ///

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