Is Rock Dead?………No,it’s out there

Posted: May 14, 2012 in Music

People piss and moan about rock being dead and no good music on the airwaves. The answer is simple, without fan support they will be no future rock stars.

Get off your asses and get to the club and discover the next KISS,Van Halen or Metallica. Buy their music on itunes or from their merch table.

Rock icons are made,not born.

So unless you are gonna put your side line ass on the front line,shut up and get use to listening to shitty music or your old CDS.

Remember the power comes from the public and that’s what put most of our heroes in the spot light.

Don’t wait to be spoon feed a band.

Don’t wait to support your friends when their name is in lights!! Support them while they struggle to keep their lights on.



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