Keep your words soft and sweet,….

Posted: May 12, 2012 in Life

because you may have to eat them later. I say this,because many like to assume that they know more about your life and what you are doing.  Many choose to throw stones and judge.

When criticizing, be ready to be criticized. Be ready to hear what you may not want too.

No one person has done great things alone. Sure they may place their name on it,but they have many to thank. Be it business partners,managers,etc…. Team work always accomplished more,look at the credits on a CD, Movie,comic books,etc…..

“Ego kills more opportunities than anything else. Many egomaniacs end up as lonely as the survivors of the titanic. Sometimes doing what’s best is more important than stroking ones ego.” Richard C. Levy

Placing blame is easier, than leading a helping hand.

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